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Piles, Fistula, Fissure & Pilonidal Sinus

Can a Fissure Turn into a Fistula?

Two prevalent disorders that affect the anal region and cause discomfort and misery to people are fissure and fistula. Despite their similar sounds, these are two different illnesses with different

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Kegel Exercises for piles

What are Hemorrhoids/ Piles: Hemorrhoids is a disease that affects almost 75% of people at some point in their lives. These are abnormally enlarged vascular mucosal cushions in the anal

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What is Proctology & Who is a Proctologist ?

What is Proctology? Similarly, to most medical notions, the word proctology is derived from the Greek, and contains the words proktos, which means “anus” or “hind parts”, and logia, which

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Why Ksharsutra for Fistula-in-Ano

Ksharsutra Treatment is more convenient and more effective than surgery in patients suffering from Anal Fistula* *Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) कृशदुर्बलभीरूणां नाड़ी मर्माश्रिता च या | क्षारसूत्रेण तां

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Why Prefer Piles To Smiles?

मातरं पितरं पुत्रान् बांधवानपि चातुरः | अप्येतानभिशंकेत वैद्ये विश्वासमेती च || विसृजत्यात्मना आत्मानं न चैनं परिशंकते | तस्मात् पुत्रवदेवैनं पालयेदातुरं भिषक् || The patient doubts even his parents, offspring and

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Why Ayurved For Ano Rectal Problems?

या हि उदीरणं शमयति नान्यं व्याधिं करोति च | सा क्रिया; न तु या व्याधिं हरति अन्यं उदीरयेत् || i.e. That is the ideal treatment which does not cause any

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Top 10 treatments for Fistula-in-Ano

Fistula-in-Ano is an inflammatory tract with an external (Secondary) opening in the area around the anus and an internal (Primary) opening in the anal canal/ rectum. This tract is lined

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Yoga for Piles/ Hemorrhoids

Piles/ hemorrhoids are the engorged blood vessels in the anal region. Every persons is having Hemorrhoids which are the cushions made up of blood vessels. These cushions help in fecal

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Everything about Fistula-in-Ano

Fistula means a tube with two openings. In context to Fistula-in-Ano; one opening of fistula (external opening) lies in skin around the anal opening while the 2nd one (internal opening) lies

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