Hemorrhoids/ Piles Treatment

In lay man language all the diseases related to ano rectal region are termed as Piles/ Hemorrhoids but actually it is not so. There are many diseases affecting this region Piles is one among these.

Fistula Treatment

Fistula-in-Ano is a infected tunnel between skin and the anus. Its primary opening lie inside the anal canal which sometime might be closed due to the attempt of healing of body; and secondary opening in skin in area around anal opening.

Fissure Treatment

Fissure-in-Ano is a tear in the lining of anal canal which causes pain during passing stool. This pain may persists for some time after the bowel movement. Some times pain is so severe that patients stops eating in an attempt to avoid bowel movement. 

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

The word Pilonidal is derived from the Latin words Pilus – the hair and nidus – the nest. Sinus stands for an abnormal tract or channel that has a single opening. So a sinus tract having nest of hairs is termed as Pilonidal Sinus. 

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