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मातरं पितरं पुत्रान् बांधवानपि चातुरः |
अप्येतानभिशंकेत वैद्ये विश्वासमेती च ||
विसृजत्यात्मना आत्मानं न चैनं परिशंकते |
तस्मात् पुत्रवदेवैनं पालयेदातुरं भिषक् ||

The patient doubts even his parents, offspring and relatives but has faith in his doctor. He surrenders his body in the doctor’s hand and has no doubt about him. It is, therefore doctor’s duty to treat and look after him as his own son.

– सुश्रुत संहिता (Sushruta Samhita)

Piles to Smiles Clinic has been established with a vision to provide affordable treatment without compromising quality of treatment.

Here we wish to share some distinctive features of Piles to Smiles Clinic:

  • Expertise to treat Ano Rectal Problems: At Piles to Smiles Clinic; we are providing treatment exclusively for Ano Rectal health problems and we are capable of handling complicated Ano rectal problems like 4th stage internal hemorrhoids/ infected hemorrhoids/ high anal fistulas/ fistula with multiple branches/ recurrent anal fistula etc.
  • Integrative approach: At Piles to Smiles Clinic; we have clubbed age old Ayurved principles of healing with modern technology to make treatment more effective and convenient.
  • Ready to adopt new treatment modalities: we are continuously in process of improving the outcome of treatment offered by us. For this; we keep on organizing and attending different training programs to enhance our skills. To improve outcome of treatment; we are always ready to adopt new treatment modalities in the larger interest of patients.
  • 24 hours support: you can approach our doctors any time. We assure you to provide best possible solution for your concern so that your hospital visits could be minimized.
  • Proper guidance to patients: At Piles to Smiles Clinic; patients are being properly guided regarding diet and lifestyle to be adopted for fast recovery from piles/ fistula/ fissure etc. as well as for preventive purpose.

Besides this; we also train patient’s attendant regarding how to take care of minor concerns regarding patient problem so as to minimize hospitals visits and associated inconvenience.

  • Affordable treatment: We are of strong belief that it is meaningless how much effective treatment is if it is not affordable by patient. So we are always adopting newer measurements to make our treatment more and more affordable with out compromising quality of the treatment.
  • Providing Free consultation and treatment to economically weaker section of society, associating with different NGOs, taking necessary steps to minimize hospital visits of patients etc. are part of these measurements.

Because of all these unique features and our sincere efforts towards fulfilling our social responsibilities; it is not a wonder that we are getting maximum number of patients through words to mouth.

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