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Pioneering excellence in AnoRectal healthcare, our clinic, founded by Dr. Ravinder Sharma, is renowned for providing premier piles treatment in Delhi. Dr. Sharma, holding a master’s degree in Ayurvedic surgery from Shri Krishna AYUSH University, prioritizes affordability without compromising quality. With extensive experience, including research on Fistula-in-Ano, and training under renowned experts like Dr. SK Singh and Dr. Dinesh Chander, trust us for effective piles treatment in Delhi.

At Piles To Smiles, we believe in the ideology of Ayurved which defines treatment as:

That is the ideal treatment which does not cause any complication while treating a disease not that which results in other disease while treating one.

At the same time we under stand our duty to treat any patient as a family member of ours as:

The patient doubts even his parents, offspring and relatives but has faith in his doctor. He surrenders his body in the doctor’s hand and has no doubt about him. It is, therefore doctor’s duty to treat and look after him as his own son.

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Our doctors prioritize your comfort, offering personalized piles treatments to ensure effective relief and a path to wellness.


Experience compassionate care and expertise, tailored to your needs, ensuring comprehensive treatment and long-term well-being.


Trust our dedicated team for advanced, evidence-based solutions, guiding you towards optimal health and a life free from discomfort.


From diagnosis to recovery, our doctors are committed to providing you with the highest quality care for your piles.

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