Why Ayurved For Ano Rectal Problems?


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या हि उदीरणं शमयति नान्यं व्याधिं करोति च |
सा क्रिया; न तु या व्याधिं हरति अन्यं उदीरयेत् ||


That is the ideal treatment which does not cause any complication while treating a disease not that which results in other disease while treating one.
– सुश्रुत संहिता (Sushruta Samhita)

Here are some reasons for any body suffering from any Ano rectal health problem to prefer Ayurved over other health systems:

Ayurved is Best

It is a well known fact that most of ano rectal problems are resultant of unhealthy dietary habits and life style.

Ayurved is best to guide about healthy dietary habits and lifestyle so it is obvious to get best results in treating Ano rectal problems in Ayurved.

No complication: It is a common practice now a day to hear that a persons is suffering from a health problem because he was taking medicines from some other health problem and as a side effect of those medicines he is now suffering from this problem.

On the other hand; usually Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic treatments are quite safe and free from any side effect so it is always safe to prefer Ayurved over other health systems in general and for Ano rectal problems in particular.

Complete eradication of Problem: Ayurved always advocates to treat any health problem from roots so that it will not recur in future. Ano rectal health problems are notorious enough to recur again and again even after being treated by most advanced treatment option.

So it is always advisable to get treated for any ano rectal problem in Ayurved to avoid its recurrence.

No Hospitalization required: in Ayurved Ano rectal problems are treated without or with minimal surgery.

Most of the para surgical treatments advised for Ano rectal problems like Kshar karma, Kashrsutra can be performed as an OPD treatment so usually hospitalization is not required for Ayurvedic treatment of Ano rectal problems.

Minimal or no bed rest: Usually bed rest is not required in Ayurvedic treatment of any Ano rectal problem.

In most cases; a patient can continue his normal routine activities as usual during Ayurvedic treatment.

Cost effective treatment: in most cases; Ayurvedic treatment is more economical than other health systems and anybody can afford treatment.

In nutshell; it can be ascertained that Ayurved should be preferred over other health systems for treatment if any health problem in general and for Ano rectal problems in particular.

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