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Yoga for Piles/ Hemorrhoids

Piles/ hemorrhoids are the engorged blood vessels in the anal region. Every persons is having Hemorrhoids which are the cushions made up of blood vessels. These cushions help in fecal continence and ensure no liquid content leaks from the anal opening. These are problematic only when there is stagnation of blood in these vessels. As per different surveys; about 50% of adults feel symptoms of Piles by the age of 50 years

Disturbed digestive system, constipation, obesity, unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyle are linked with the development of Piles. Yoga for Piles not only relieves the symptoms of Piles but also enhances over all well sense of well being. We have worked on different Yogasanas and chose the most beneficial Yoga for Piles:


Pawanmuktasana – Wind releasing PoseAs the name itself tells; this Asana helps in releasing the wind trapped in the rectum. This is an subjective as well as the objective definition i.e. this asana not only helps the wind which is already there in rectum but also helps preventing bad wind formation by improving the digestive system. This Asana can be practiced to get relief in Piles as well as prevention of Piles development. You should stay in the Asana as long as you are comfortable with normal breathing for the best results.

Malasana – Garland Pose helps prevent constipation which is main causative factor for hemorrhoids. The posture not only works on calf muscles, spine, hips and buttocks but also stretches and contracts the abdomen balancing the functioning of the entire digestive tract. Try and stay in this pose as long as you are comfortable before you relax.

Balasana – Child’s Pose: Bala means child, and this pose is so-called because this is generally how babies fall asleep. Child’s pose helps increasing the circulation towards the anus and also help alleviate constipation. Stay in child s pose at least for a minute or as long as you are comfortable.

Mulabandhasana – Root lock Pose/ Ashwini Mudra: here Mula means root, and Bandha means a lock. This yoga exercise involves repeated contraction and relaxation of the the muscles in the anal region. This asana is deemed to be the best Asanas for Piles because of the way it engages the muscles of affected areas and heals the Piles completely. In fact; the 1st stage internal Pile could be solely managed by this Asana only.

Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Pose: This Asana involves contraction and relaxation of all the pelvic muscles as a results blood circulation of all the pelvic organs is improved and a sort of internal massage is given to these organs. Thus function of all pelvic organs which include urinary bladder, prostate, male reproductive organs, female reproductive organs and rectum is improved.

Ardha matsyendrasana – sitting half spinal twist: Twisting in Ardha matsyendrasana gives internal massage to all abdominal organs which include whole digestive system, liver, kidneys etc. This Asana improves the function of digestive system in all aspects i.e. better appetite, digestion and assimilation; and proper disposal of feces (prevention of constipation). So it is also one of the best Yoga Asana for Piles.

Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog Pose: This Asana as well as the other asanas involving the inverted position of body will definitely benefit in Piles as these make the flow of blood away from the anal region. This relieves the congestion of blood in hemorrhoidal blood vessels. You should practice Adho Mukha Svanasana regularly to get relief in and prevent Piles.

Viparita Karani or legs up on the wall: This Asana helps reducing the stress in anal region resulting from excessive straining while passing stool. Thus reduces the symptoms of Piles.

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand: This asana improves blood circulation in whole body (Hence the name Sarvangasana which means the Asana of all body parts) specially the abdomen and anus. At the same time it also helps in lowering the congestion of hemorrhoidal blood vessels. It is said about this asana that even if you practice regularly this asana only you can prevent all of the diseases.

Besides these Asanas all the other Asanas which improve digestion, blood circulation to anus region and relieve congestion of blood in hemorrhoidal blood vessels will be the beneficial Yoga for Piles. It is better to practice these Asanas under supervision of a Yoga expert and obviously after consulting an Ano rectal specialist.

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